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Best Gifts for Father’s Day 2021: Plants!

By :Brittney Kiera 0 comments
Best Gifts for Father’s Day 2021: Plants!

Wondering how you can really wow Dad this Father’s Day? Before you reach for the World’s Best Dad mugs and aprons this year, we have some unique gift ideas to make Father’s Day 2021 one to remember: plants!

Plants are both simple and thoughtful Father’s Day Gift ideas, so really it’s a win-win for everyone.

Whether your dad’s rare plant collection is a thing of millennial dreams or he’s just looking to spruce up the office space, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite Father’s Day plants for 2021, and pick his perfect match.


For the Office Dad 

Perfect for the novice, the Sanseveria Laurentii is a compact snakeplant that’s sure to make dad’s office space the envy of all his coworkers. Bonus points for looking fantastic in the background of his Zoom calls. 

It does best in indirect lighting, but is adaptable to different light conditions so it’s a quick pick no matter where dad is doing his work.


For the Whiskey Time Dad

If you’re looking outside the plant department, PLHC still has your back: the Lakeside Soy Candle is hand poured in small batches and its vanilla musk scent smells like every lakeside memory you’ve ever shared together. Pair it with dad’s favorite whiskey and your Father’s Day gift definitely makes you eligible for the favorite child award.

Let’s be honest, you might want to pick up one for yourself while you’re at it. We won’t tell.


For the Rare Plant Dad

For a unique Father’s Day gift just as rare as dad himself, go for an Alocasia Dragon Scale. And yes it looks as cool as it sounds. 

This Jewel Alocasia requires a little more love since the soil needs to stay moist and it prefers bright indirect light, but the coffee mugs of yesteryear don’t lie: there’s nothing dad can’t do. PLHC even has a care guide here for him so he knows how to take care of it.


For the Air Plant Dad

Ready to go all out this Father’s Day? If dad is as mesmerized by big air plants as we are, pick up a T. Straminea Thickleaf. Not only does it look like something out of Jurassic World, but it smells great too.

Just tell dad to place in an area with bright light and good airflow, and to mist or dunk it instead of soaking and he’ll be the world’s best air plant dad in no time.


For the Tropical Dad

Whether dad has some serious tropical vibes going on in the home office or he just loves his Hawaiian button downs, the Pothos Marble Queen is a match made in heaven. 

Short on space but big on aesthetic? The Marble Queen is compact and easy to care for, but this variegated variety doesn’t fall short of making a statement.


Not Sure? Get a Gift Card!

We have a lot of different options for different types of dads, so if you don’t know exactly what he wants, you can let him choose! Get a PLHC gift card, and you’ll know he is getting exactly what he wants this year. 

If you’re looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift idea, slip it into a card that will make him giggle, and send him over here to browse our collector plants. He and his growing plant collection will thank you.


Whichever gift you pick for Father’s Day 2021, we want to see all the happy Plant Dad’s and their collections; tag us on Instagram and follow to stay updated on all our new additions!


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