New Plants AND New Seasonal Candles!

The Holidays are just around the corner, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everyone’s gifts (again). Why not take the worry out of the season and go with a wintry soy-based candle or a beautiful rare plant?

Peace Love and Happiness Club has got just what you need. Do some early gift-getting and check out the newest arrivals!

Paddywax - Relish Jar Diffuser - Balsam & Fir

Give the gift of a wintry wonder in the home with a Balsam & Fir Relish Jar Diffuser. With 4 months of fragrance, the smells of a snow-covered pine forest will stay with them around the clock. 

Paddywax - Whimsy Candle - Firewood & Fir

This hand-poured Firewood & Fir soy candle is specially formulated to imbue a space with the scents of the holidays: a crackling wood fire, pine needles, and a touch of spice. And because it comes in a compact 3 oz. forest green tin, it’s well-suited for any living room once the red and green garlands come out!

Paddywax - Tinsel Candles - Balsam Fir

These Balsam Fir Tinsel Candles expertly capture the feeling of taking a beautiful stroll among tall, majestic pine trees on a crisp winter afternoon. Waking up to one of these soy candles under the tree would help that magical feeling will stay with them for months longer!

Choose from a 4.5 oz. Candle size or a 12 oz. Candle! Both sizes are hand-poured into a silver mercury glass container with easy-lift tops to preserve freshness. Even more, both candles make wonderful accents to a Happy Holiday home! 



Hoya Callistophylla

Easy to care for and easy to love, this Hoya Callistophylla is a perfect match for the foliage fanatic in your life!

Epipremnum Skeleton Key

Talk about a nightmare before Christmas! The Epipremnum Skeleton Key is a tropical plant with spooky-shaped leaves that's easy to care for in the winter months.

Hoya Kerrii Reverse

The Hoya Kerrii Reverse is a hardy plant with variegated heart-shaped leaves. Vibrant green on the outer edges and variegated in the center, it’s a gift that leaves a glowing impression!

Huperzia Squarrosa

The Huperzia Squarrosa is a rare and hard-to-find tropical tassel fern that’s for sure to impress. Perfect for someone who’s capable of giving it sufficient love, bright light, and high humidity.

Stop by our shop in Seattle to see what else is new this week — you’re sure to find the perfect early bird gift with us!

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