Particle Goods Candle

We met up with London, owner and creator extraordinaire of PARTICLE GOODS.  London resides in Seattle and we're always thrilled to work with local artisans to further strengthen the local creative community.

Here's what you should know about PARTICLE GOODS candles.

Scent is a "particle phenomenon."  Molecules colliding with one another in the air are inhaled and categorized by the brain to form a tangible recognition of the natural world and root us deeply to a sense of time and place. 

Particle Goods is an exploration of natural formations and phenomenon both known and unknown.  We believe in fostering a deeper connection to the natural world and to ourselves through well formulated aroma products.  We use pure renewable soy wax and a mix of essential oils and perfume quality oils.  We are ethically sourced and produced in Seattle, Washington.  A portion of each sale goes to charitable organizations within our local community that empower social and economic well being/equality and environmental sustainability. 


We currently have 12 signature scents and 2 limited seasonal, EQUINOX and SOLSTICE.

SOLSTICE is wicked good.   An amalgam of winter birch wood, old leather, coarse frankincense, rich oud, and spicy black pepper; perfect for our dark cold winter days.  Only 14 available!

EQUINOX is exactly what Winter holidays at Grannys smells like.  A warm house with the oven on and baked goods browning.  Dry orange peel, spicy clove, ground up anise, mulled cider, and dried leaves.  Only 7 available.

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