Photoshooting in Fremont-- Where to!?

Where to Photoshoot in Fremont?

We had some fun this week "trolling around" Fremont in search of the best photo ops! And here they are for you! Here's a couple spots we found for all you photography types (and yes, even on a gray and rainy day, they look nice!)

Kellen is pictured wearing our holiday season collection of sweaters, pullovers, cozy tops, dresses, and rompers. 

1. Overlooking the Fremont Cut
If you can avoid the lame Google signs in the background, the fall leaves create the perfect backdrop.

2. The Fremont Rocket
Benches, plants, and murals... can you expect any less from Fremont?

3. Alleys
Yes, almost every alley and garbage spot in Fremont has ivy... all different colors!

4. Starbucks
Yep, it's not a bad option for when the rain really starts coming down! Plus, you can use the merch as props!

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