Plants sent to Space?

NASA agrees, plants are natural air purifiers! They ran tests on which plants are best at cleaning the air to see which ones they could send into orbit! We made a video breaking down the top plants they've identified to help you breathe happy air!

You might be wondering: do I need to turn my house to a jungle to get clean air?
Nope! In a house with 8 to 9 foot high ceilings, only one or two plants per 100 square feet of floor space are recommended for maximum benefit.  

Do plants get hurt?
Nope! Soaking up toxins seems to have no adverse effect on the plants studied. They safely metabolize the compounds by breaking them down to harmless carbon, water, and salts.

NASA's top 4: 
1. Snake plant
2. Peace Lily
3. Aloe
4. Spider Plant

Explore more about these plants, care guides, and more in our latest video!

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