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This is a small (baby) Streptophylla guatemala.  We usually get this size 2-3" to sell because it's quite affordable at this stage and just so darn cute.

This is what we will be receiving (4-5") in the upcoming week.  So awesome!  It's big, healthy, and kinda gnarly.  So with this airplant, when it gets dehyrated, the leaves will curl and ball up, an indication that you should soak it!  Don't let it ball up too much or it will be detrimental to the health of the plant.

You can soak these up to 4 hours in tepid water (tap water left out overnight).  Well hydrated plants will have more elongated leaves and just a slight flick curl at the tips.  They can handle a bit more bright exposure/ bright indirect light.  What it looks like when happy and hydrated!

When in bloom, Watch Out!  Pink blooms on a tall pink bract.  

We think these look best when display on a bed of sand or pebbles  sitting in a cool tray or bowl.


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