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$ 5.00

5 Unrooted cuttings off of our variegated Pinnatum Albo mother plants. These cuttings are either reverted or sporting very little variegation. With sufficient light, you never know... you may end up with a beautiful Albo Variegated Pinnatum! 

A vigorous climber, and sometimes epiphytic.  Mature leaves are deeply lobed with pin holes down the spine of each leaf.  Mature leaves can reach ~ 12" - 20" long.  Strongly suggest a moss pole and allow it to climb.

  • Light: Bright indirect.  In the natural habitat, it grows under tree canopies
  • Soil:  Well draining
  • Water: Keep evenly moist and mist often
  • Fertilizer: organic or slow-release

Please do due diligence in knowing how to care for unrooted cuttings. 

All sales final.  



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