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Probably the most stunning of all Sinningia, the fuzzy white hair on young leaves have a very velvety soft texture and helps with keeping the humidity level higher around itself.  Orange tubular flowers will appear usually in summer above the typical tier of 4 leaves stem.

Relatively easy to grow.  It is a very long lived perennial bulb that can reach over 12" in diameter.  If you're a fan of caudex plants, this one is a hard to find keeper!

  • Light: bright indirect (avoid full sun) / treat like an African violet
  • Soil: succulent mix
  • Water: keep moist during growing season and lightly water during fall/winter to keep slightly just barely moist
  • Fertilizer: spring/summer

Please do due diligence in knowing how to properly care and maintain these caudex plants.  While we may see them as relatively easy, they can get overwatered and rot.  We recommend that you only plant 1/2 - 1/3 and exposing the top 1/2 - 2/3 above ground.

Available as bareroot. size will vary.

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