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$ 2.88
This advanced Lucky Bamboo liquid fertilizer has improved formula compare to regular Green Green on the market. The Lucky Bamboo farms in China are actually using this Super Green in a more concentrated formula as industrial bamboo growing fertilizer. Compare to the regular Green Green made in Korea, This Super Green works much better for your plans. I personally tested it on my Lucky Bamboo and regular plants in soil. Leaves grow almost 3 more inches in 2 weeks, and plants are all look much healthier. I was so surprised about the amazing result. Directions: According to my personal experience, use half amount of Super Green as directed on the box works just fine. My suggestion is just add 5 drops of liquid in your small lucky bamboo arrangement directly into the water every week. For larger Lucky Bamboo, double the amount of Super Green, and so on. Or you can add the Super Green in the water, and fertilize the soil of other plants in your house. That's it!


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