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Named after its twisting leaves, Streptophylla is the epitome of a tillandsia. It is wild and has wonderful architecture. Plus its inflorescence is stunning. When in bloom, the plant is as impressive as it gets. It is a true staple in the tillandsia world.

Origins: Southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala

Bloom: Large colorful pink inflorescence with multiple bracts and mauve colored flowers

Ideal for: Indoors or Outdoors

Light: Strong indirect light/indirect light

Water: Spray or dunk once a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to 4 hours as necessary.  The leaves will curl dramatically when under hydrated.  Allow plenty of air flow after watering to prevent rot


 This one is a true treasure, and a must have for collectors.  This plant, along with intermedia, is dramatic about announcing its hydration level.  In drier conditions, the plant will form tight curls, and will straighten out and stretch with high humidity or frequent watering.  This plant is very susceptible to rot, so removing stagnant water after a watering is important for the plant's health


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