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$ 38.00

These majestic Alocasia are a rare gem to find. While the silver may be stunning, the red veins on the underside are just as vivid. Keep temperature in the 70s to avoid dormancy.

  • Light: Bright, indirect/ part shade
  • Soil: organic and well draining
  • Water: keep evenly moist
  • Fertilizer: slow release

Plant available as assorted in 4" pots. You will be receiving a plant similar is size and form as shown. Leaves and stems are very sturdy but be advised that petiole can be slightly weak  because of the size of the leaves and if shipped, there is a slight chance of leaves detaching.  

Like most Jewel Alocasia, shipping easily stresses them out and can cause some leaves to drop or turn yellow from stress. Will require acclimatization upon receiving. Do due diligence in knowing how best to care as these are not beginner's plant.

We recommend you order a heat pack if shipping and upgrade to next day/express shipping (any excess will be refunded) to avoid cold snap.  



If you are in a cold climate region, please order a Heat Pack and consider upgrading to Next Day Shipping to minimize cold damage that may result from adverse weather conditions.
Please note that we cannot be responsible for any shipping delays or damage due to inclimate weather .


Our customers love our plants and seldom return them. However, we'll be happy to help if you find our products below expectations.
Please read our return policy here.