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$ 10.00

The last Promo was such a hit, we're bringing it back!  One of our growers has some overstock and we're passing on the deal to y'all.

Assorted pick of mostly assorted but not limited to aroid plants.

Shop pick.  From Philodendron white wizard, white princess, white knight to mayoi, verrucosum, melanochrysum, assorted Anthuriums, Syngoniums,  and other mislabeled plants.  All in 2" assorted varieties and sizes.

$10 each.

Limit 3 per customer.  Final Sale.


If you are in a cold climate region, please order a Heat Pack and consider upgrading to Next Day Shipping to minimize cold damage that may result from adverse weather conditions.
Please note that we cannot be responsible for any shipping delays or damage due to inclimate weather .


Our customers love our plants and seldom return them. However, we'll be happy to help if you find our products below expectations.
Please read our return policy here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I'm confused

Reading the reviews and noticed that two different people have the same pictures n their comments.

The plants look good though!

I recently ordered a "scratch n' dent" from PLHC, little guy came well packaged and he's already growing a new leaf & what looks to be a new growth point!

Joe D
At $10 a plant, I should have known better

I was excited to see what kind of mystery aroids I could get so I ordered 3 expecting to get 3 surprises. But...they sent me 2 Philodendron Mayois and a struggling Philodendron White Knight. What a let down.

Andrew Love
Would not order again

I impulsively ordered 3 of these mystery plants hoping that I would get an interesting variety and at least one that sparks joy. They ended up giving me 2 plants labeled philodendron emerald green and 1 plant labeled philodendron white knight (however zero variegation). These are all cultivars of philodendron erubescens. While I am disappointed and would not order again, I understand I can't be too mad since this was a mystery purchase.

Jenny Leung
You pay what you get

At such a cheap price for a chance of rare plants, it was expected that there'd be at least one problem to it. I didn't expect them to be potted in a bigger pot than the actual root ball and watered a little too much (but that should be a given). You'd definitely need to repot right after receiving the plant or else you'd get root rot. Other than that, I think the philodendron white knight I received is in great condition and was packaged very securely.

Teresa G

Received my order today. We'll packaged. Healthy plants