MORROCCAN SPICE (INVIGORATING)The Earth Luxe Moroccan Spice Diffuser Oil is a fragrant warm and spicy invigorating scent that is made with a 100% essential oil blend of Cassia, Nutmeg, Petitgrain, Orange and Patchouli. The captivating aroma of eastern markets inspired this sultry blend of warm spices and citrusy florals. Earth and invigorating notes bring mental clarity, stimulate creativity and promote energy.

SHANGRI LA (RELAXING) - Fruity fresh and sweet with just the right touch of spice makes this oil a delight for the senses. Retreat to a place of peace where you will relax and unwind as you bask in the aroma of this heavenly blend.

LUXURY SPA (ENERGIZING) - The Earth Luxe Luxury Spa Diffuser Oil is a fragrant and energizing scent that is made with a 100% essential oil blend of Orange, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Balsam. Enjoy a luxurious escape to clear and energize your mind with this zesty and citrus blend of essential oils. Its slightly sweet aroma and clean scent will create a spa-like experience in your home.

Enjoy these diffusing oil in any diffuser, few drops in bath water, or over lava rocks.  We've even added drops onto pine cones during the winter and set them throughout the office/home.  


$ 18.00

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