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$ 12.00
In India, the Sandalwood tree is sacred because it "perfumes the ax that cuts it". Strengthened Gratitude eliminates or prevents feelings such as anger and sorrow. This incense comes to celebrate Gratitude with you! The oils and resins obtained from sandalwood are used widely by civilizations of the Orient since antiquity, and today are a part of the worldwide industry of cosmetics and perfumes. it is a balm of eastern spirituality and one of the pillar plants of the ritualistic practices of these peoples. Sandalwood combined with the therapeutic properties of Breuzinho (breu-banco) celebrates the feelings of Gratitude and fraternity..

Careful and handcrafted manufacture.
Natural, Artisan and Therapeutic Incense
*Individuals and 9 Sticks Box burns for approximately 110 minutes each stick. 4 Sticks Box burns for approximately 90 minutes each stick.
Composition: Inca Vegetable Base, aromatic concentrate of Sandalwood, Charcoal, Frankincense and coarse salt


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