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$ 14.98

Totem Pole Plant Supports are the most unique and useful method of supporting your climbing indoor plants.

Made from Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss, each Totem Pole can hold 20 times its weight in water, which helps to nourish tiny shoots. Unlike many other plant supports, these long-fibered sphagnum moss-filled Totem Poles won’t cut into a plant's root when installed in existing potted plants.

Best of all Mosser Lee's Totem Poles are EXTENDIBLE!  The 12 inch extension can be added to any other size so that the plant can just keep on growing once the plant reaches the top of the pole. Other plant supports just can't compete with all of these benefits.

Available in four lengths: 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and the 12' extension. We even include seven plant pins to help attach your plant to the pole.


If you are in a cold climate region, please order a Heat Pack and consider upgrading to Next Day Shipping to minimize cold damage that may result from adverse weather conditions.
Please note that we cannot be responsible for any shipping delays or damage due to inclimate weather .


Our customers love our plants and seldom return them. However, we'll be happy to help if you find our products below expectations.
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