Smudge kit includes:

3 Palo santo - light wood and let smolder. Move around space allowing negative energy to rise up with smoke and release into universe. Welcome in clear, happy, & positive vibes.

Mini White sage - Powerful all-in-one energy cleanser. When you need to eradict a dark and unwelcoming force. Light and let smolder. Smoke will carry away all negativity. Welcome in Peace and Serenity.

3 Prosperity cone Incense - special blend of wood essences to attract prosperity and abundance. Light the tips and allow to smolder out. Whisper your intentions before lighting and allow the smoke to carry out your intentions up to the universe.

Clear Quartz Crystal - A powerful healing stone to AMPLIFY positive engery and intention. Set crystal in a space that needs protection or to attract good vibes. 

$ 28.00

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