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aka Stephania kaweesakii.

Miniature species from Thailand.  Unlike Stephania erecta or suberosa, Nova has irregular shape and form.  Leaves emerge pale green or purplish maturing to a deep green-blue jade.  Like most caudex, do not buring into soil.  Typically plant 1/3 into succulent/cacti mix to allow for optimal drainage.  Prune back if unruly.  Will drop leaves in winter months if temperature drops.

  • Light: bright indirect
  • Soil: cactus/succulent mix
  • Water: keep moist during growing season.  Allow to dry during dormant winter months and water sparingly to keep caudex from drying out.
  • Fertilizer: liquid 1/4x during growing season.

Available as assorted.  Each one is different and irregular.


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