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You might have heard or recognized Calathea as a "prayer plant" because they dance and change positions. They appear like they are dancing and praying to the sun, making them beautiful and unique. Calathea is a fantastic home plant and unarguably one of the most popular home plants. Their impressive beauty and standout features are the main reasons for their popularity. Besides, Calathea care is relatively easy, even for a novice in houseplant care. Calathea should be around the top of your preference list if you need a plant to liven your space. It radiates a bright green color that breathes life into your room. Calathea plants are well worth the effort and cost. Calathea plant prefers diffused light from a natural source. You can recognize excessive light in the middle of the leaves and fading colors. So, you will get impressive growth and beauty when you place them by the window. Ultimately, buying the Calathea plant is a decision worth making.


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