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Unboxing Your Order

Unboxing Your Order

Thank you for your order!

We kindly ask that you prepare an UNBOXING video prior to opening your package to assure accuracy of any items missing, damaged due to packaging, or pest related issues. Please record your unboxing video w/in 24 hours of delivery.

Please be careful opening. Use caution. There may be staples or tape that will require careful removing. Do not tear open or rip as you may inadvertently damage leaves.

Please do due diligence in knowing how to acclimate your plant. We suggest a shady area for a few days to acclimate and do not immediately repot to reduce stress.

Slight bruising/breakage of leaves from shipping/handling is out of our control and not substantive for refunds/exchanges. Plants grow, you can remove the damaged/ imperfect leaves but not necessary. Some older leaves may become yellow due to being in a dark environment. Your plant may decide to drop those leaves and focus on putting energy into new leaves.

We are unable to refund due to weather conditions during transit.
Returns/Refunds will require prior approval and Return Authorization#.
Shipping fees are non-refundable.

If there are any concerns, do reach out to us at: