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Curious about what we do and who we are?
We're proud to showcase here a few articles and podcasts featuring Peace Love and Happiness.
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The Seattle News


Would you pay $18,888 for a plant? Some people would; tour the secret world of Seattle’s plant hunters

“The houseplant wave went tidal with the pandemic, and Seattle plant moms and dads are riding that wave. They hunt, they swap, they flip rare plants for cash, which helps them buy — more plants.
A celebrity hit Seattle stores recently, rippling through social media. It was Philodendron erubuscens ‘Pink Princess’ — whose hashtag has over 133,000 posts on Instagram. If one were to dream up a perfect plant to trend in 2019, this would have been that plant. Philodendrons were already hot. Variegated versions — meaning splotched, speckled, or striped — even hotter. ‘Pink Princess’ sports shield-shaped leaves mottled in white, black, burgundy and hot pink — basically a philodendron redone in pink camo. Who wouldn’t want luscious leaves to match your hoodie?“...

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Seattle Now: Wild about houseplants

“All that time spent inside thanks to the pandemic fueled a booming market for indoor plants. Paige Browning gives us a look inside the growing hobby-slash-obsession that has some Seattleites caring for hundreds of specimens. “...

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The Seattle Times


As the plant collecting frenzy spreads, a colony of new plant shops has taken root in Seattle area

“In addition to Seattle’s established houseplant sources such as the Indoor Sun Shoppe, Ravenna Gardens, Sky Nursery and Swanson’s, a colony of new plant shops has sprouted in the last three years to meet the increasing demand. Here are some plant shops you can check out in the area. [...]
Newly opened this month, this 5,000-square-foot Fremont store [...] grows and imports rare and exotic houseplants from around the world and sells pottery to showcase your new plant babies too.“...

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15 Seattle Plant Shops We Love

Whether you’re a green green thumb or an old-growth expert, the Seattle area’s full of plant shops that’ll help you bring the outside in (or just make the outside nicer). Miraculous air purifiers or no, the pandemic pauses for no plant shop. Some of these businesses have adjusted their hours, while others require an appointment. Check in on a shop’s website before visiting. [...]
Peace, Love, and Happiness Club From the outside looking in, this Fremont shop resembles a gift shop decorated generously with foliage—but inside you’ll find an interior decorator’s paradise of plants, from the rare and expensive to the everyday succulent. Pair with a geometric pot (they’ll plant it for you for a fee) and trick it out with a crystal, a tiny figurine, or other clever extras.“...

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Seattle Met