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Typically used as houseplants all year round, Epipremnum aureum has a tropical origin. It has an outstanding reputation for being one of the easiest plants to grow; hence, making it one of the ideal plants for starters. Also known as devils ivy or devils ivy plant, Epipremnum is evergreen perennial vines climbing with beautiful green leaves. Devils ivy thrives even in neglect and can go for weeks without any special attention. They thrive in bright and indirect light, just as much as they do in low lights. Epipremnum aureum is quite efficient for cleansing and purifying the air. This plant helps to absorb various airborne toxins, including xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. Staring at the plant for a while can also help you mitigate irritation from TV and PC screens. So, somewhere besides your TV and PC screen is an excellent place to place your Epipremnum plant. It is ideal for workspaces, living areas, and commercial buildings.


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