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Maranta, popularly known as a red maranta prayer plant, is one of the best tropical indoor plants. This red-veined prayer plant adds an exotic feel to your home. It radiates and beautifies your indoor space. Red maranta stands out among most other houseplants. Growing and maintaining are pretty straightforward, especially when you have optimal light. Excessive exposure to harsh light can cause red maranta to lose its color. Also, low light can make your plant lack color. Bright indirect sunlight is enough to ensure the red prayer plant thrives optimally. Red maranta helps you to clean and filter indoor air. It gets rid of air pollutants that are common in indoor and office spaces. Interestingly, you don't need much time, energy, and money to keep the plant in your area. You can place this plant at any corner of your space. With proper care, you will get rich green stems with colorful red-veined leaves.