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Tradescantia, popularly called the wandering Jew plant, is an excellent wild flowering plant. This houseplant has purple/Yellow flowers, and there are about 75 species of them. Regardless of your choice, Tradescantia will add beauty, class, and sophistication to your home. The Wandering Jew tolerates low, medium, and bright lights. But it thrives in bright, indirect light. This plant is primarily famous for its delicate nature and attractive foliage. It is pretty hardy and would thrive under varying conditions. Tradescantia is a trusted air purifier in your space. They help you get rid of toxins in the air and improve the oxygen quality. Some individuals have talked about eating the plant because of its appealing taste and health benefits. Wandering Jew plant is a great starter plant. You can also add it to a collection of existing plants to complement their visual appeal.