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Notable for their yellow flowers, Zebra plants are typically grown indoors for beautification. The plant's name reflects its striking colors and bodily stripes of pink, yellow, and white. It requires a lot of moisture and warmth. The striking bright green leaves and large colorful flowers add beauty to your space. The Zebra plant is similar to Calathea Zebrina, but they are not the same. Zebra grass or Zebra tradescantia requires indirect and partial sun exposure to bloom. They don't need extra care once you have the proper moisture and sun exposure. The Zebra plant might be all you need to spruce your space. The Zebra plant is an impressive air purifier. Besides, it is an ornamental plant that gives a calming and relaxing feeling in your space. Zebra plants have the necessary qualities you might require in a houseplant. From beauty to environmental benefits, Zebra grass is a plant you can trust.