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The Alocasia plant is otherwise called the Elephant ear indoor plant due to its unique shape. It has some of the most striking foliage amongst all houseplants. It is a treasured addition to your space with its sculptural appeal and visual magic. Caring for the Alocasia plant is more effortless than you can imagine. This houseplant prefers full sun and consistent moisture. But a little shade will prevent the soil from draining faster, even though they prefer well-drained soil. Alocasia is suitable alone or in a group around various spaces, including hallways, workspaces, and living areas. The plant is relatively expensive due to its slow propagation. So, it is gold in the bag if you have Alocasia as one of your houseplants. Other benefits include air purification, ground cover, and mosquito repellant. Also, some health enthusiasts explore the plant as a treatment for various skin diseases.