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Alocasia Dragon Scale has a distinct vein pattern and looks awesome. Native to Borneo, Southeast Asia, this cultivated variety of Alocasia is relatively easy to take care of. If you decide to keep one, here are things you need to know:

  • Bright indirect sunlight
  • Between 55 and 80ºF, best around 70%+ humidity
  • Water once the top 2-3 inches of soil feels dry
  • Toxic if ingested and can cause dermatitis on skin contact. Take great care with pets and children.
  • A chunky, well-draining potting mix is essential. A mix of equal parts perlite, orchid mix, and coco coir works well.
  • Grows up to 3′ tall

In-Depth Care Guide

Alocasia dragon scale is a surviver and relatively easy to take care of. However, before making the move to keep one, plants moms and dads should make sure to learn about the care dragon scale needs. Here is the download:


Don't over-water your Alocasia Dragon Scale. Over-watering will lead to root rot. As a rule of thumb, water the plant only when the top soil is dry. When you water the plant, saturate the soil and let the water drain. Water the dragon scale more often than a succulent, but not much more.


Alocasia Dragon Scale likes bright indirect sunlight. Over exposed to strong direct sunlight can burn its leaves, so it is best to keep them in the shade in the summer.


Alocasia dragon scale needs soil that is chunky that allows water to drain quickly. Soil that is too dense can trap water for too long and suffocate the root. We don't want that. Make sure to flush and drain the soil twice a year to wash away contaminants.


Alocasia dragon scale doesn't need to be fertilized much. A rule of thumb is to use half the prescribed amount once every two months in spring and summer. Over-fertilization can cause damages, especially obvious on the edges of leaves.


From Southeast Asia, Alocasia dragon scale grows in humid tropical climate. If you keep this plant temperate or less humid environment, make sure you spray the leaves and check on the soil moisture periodically. Brown spots and brown leaf edges are often signs of the plant not receiving enough air moisture.


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