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Anthurium vittarifolium variegated is a rare variety of the Anthurium Vittarifolium Engl. Endemic to South America, this plant with its strappy, pendant-like leaves will add life and color to your home. This plant likes warm areas with high humidity so it’s best to place it away from drafts.
If you would love to add this gorgeous plant to your collection, keep the following in mind:

  • Bright indirect light or partial shade is preferred
  • Between 70°F and 86°F (21°C – 32°C). Humidity should be kept between 50-80%
  • Water as soon as the top inch of soil is dry. Avoid overwatering
  • Toxic if ingested. Keep out of reach of pets and children
  • A well-draining aroid mix is required
  • Flamingo lilies usually reach a height of 47 to 63 inches (120-160 cm)

In-Depth Care Guide

The genus name Anthurium literally means flowering tail. This is due to the word being derived from the Greek word anthos which means flower as well as ουρά (pronounced ourá) which means tail.

This plant is also commonly referred to as flamingo lily. If you want to add an interesting flowering plant to your collection, this might just be the one for you. Here's how to care for this spectacular specimen:


Variegated Anthurium vittarifolium is very sensitive to being overwatered. It easily develops root rot and other fungal diseases. To prevent this, make sure to allow the plant to dry out between waterings.

Never allow the root ball to dry out completely, however. The best way to know if your plant is ready to be watered is to do a finger test. This test requires you to stick your finger about an inch (2.5 cm) into the soil. If the soil feels moist, allow your plant to dry out more. If it feels dry, your plant is ready to be watered.


Flamingo lilies prefer areas with lots of bright, indirect light or partial shade. The humidity in the area should also be kept high at around 50 to 80%. For this reason, your plant should be placed in an area with no drafts.

With their tropical origin, variegated Anthurium vittarifolium also prefers warm temperatures. The best temperature range for them is between 70°F and 86°F (21°C – 32°C).


The best soil for this plant is a well-draining mix that is well aerated as well. The best soil mix for this plant usually consists of around 50% potting soil and 50% orchid soil or perlite.

The potting soil will retain some moisture for your plant to use while the orchid soil ensures well-aerated roots. The root ball of Anthurium should never be allowed to dry out completely so make sure to check moisture levels in the soil every day.


Variegated Anthurium vittarifolium does not require much fertilizing. If you opt to use a fertilizer, go for the liquid variety. Make sure to only use one-quarter of the recommended strength when preparing your fertilizer every four months. This amount of fertilizer will keep your plant in excellent condition and improve blooming.

Before pouring the fertilizer onto the roots of your plant, make sure to water your plant thoroughly. This will prevent root burn and other damage from the concentration of salts in the fertilizer.


This plant should be kept at a humidity level of around 50 to 80%. To achieve this goal, you can place your plant in the bathroom away from any drafts. If that isn’t an option, you can mist your plant regularly to increase humidity.

You can also use a room humidifier or create a humidity tray. To create a humidity tray, simply fill an empty tray with some flat stones to above the waterline. Place your flamingo lily on top and fill the tray with water. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the base of your pot.
As the water evaporates over time, it will increase the humidity around your plant. Keep in mind that this method only works if your plant is kept away from any drafts.


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