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Streptocarpus assorted - 4"

$ 16.00

Aka Cape primrose.  Streptocarpus or cape primrose is african violets hardier cousin. They like the air around them to be relatively cool, around 70 F. during the day and about 10 degrees cooler at night. This plant loves light, but direct sunlight can burn the foliage. A home in an east- or west-facing window is perfect. Allow Streptocarpus to dry out between watering. Do not overwater.
Not toxic to pet.

  • Light: filtered sun
  • Soil: organic mix
  • Water: keep slightly moist w/ moderate humidity
  • Fertilizer: slow release

Available as assorted in 4" nursery container.  Please note: Plant will be pulled randomly so we can't guarantee what color your blooms will be.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Beautiful plants and arrived in great condition


I live in the white mountains in a rural area. I ordered 7 plants including this one in February. I was hesitant to order for that reason but there was a sale and I loved the variety or plants and needed a dopamine hit with some new plants. My package was delayed at no fault of the company but of our mail person and I grew more concerned as the weather had taken a drastic dip back into winter temps. When the package was delivered,despite being clearly labeled fragile it was thrown on its side and the box had been damaged. I scanned the clear QR CODE one the top of the box once inside preparing for plants that may not be savable. However the care and detail to packaging this plants were in as a group and individually let them with little to no damage. Only one plant looked a little dried out with a bruised leaf and I’m confident when it’s acclimated and watered it will look just as PERFECT as the other 6 plants. This is a 11 out of 10 experience!