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Hortus - 1 oz

$ 88.00
  • For Decades, the creative team at PLHC, Silverman and Tseng have brought their trend setting to Seattle’s Fashion Scene with their Store’s, DREAM, BLISS, and Finch & Sparrow.  As the seasons and years have changed, so have their vision for their company.  John Tseng had amassed an amazing collection of rare tropical plants, and then COVID hit.  Clothing sales stopped and Plant sales replaced them.   One thing that hadn’t changed is that both John and Neil love fragrance and have always carried it.  Another thing that hadn’t changed was their love for their friend and Nose, Christi Meshell, mastermind behind the infamous House Of Matriarch High Perfumery.

Chrisi’s amazing sense captivated both Silverman and Tseng years ago when they carried House of Matriarch Perfumed in their stores.  Fast forward to 2023, all got together and John gave Christi his brief to create a fragrance that would replicate the smell of a greenhouse and the forest together to give our collectors what we call a “GREEN” fragrance.  Born was “HORTUS”, a unisex fragrance, created for collectors to bring them back to the memories of being at their favorite plant shops like Peace Love and Happiness Club and to bring them back to visits in nature in the forests.


  • Inspiration: Moments of youthful JOY added to the modern sensibilities of urban “organic” hipsters, the senses with HORTUS bring focus to the JOY collectors feel when working on their plants.

    Fragrance story: Smoldering with an addictive Vibe,  a bright splash green Myrtle defines the opening, its sweet gourmand chord is softened by the honey scent of Benzoin. Spicy Oud and Black Frankincense  pairs with the fresh, woodsy scent of boxwood to finish, finding zen at long last.

    Key notes: Myrtle, Black Frankincense, Oud, Ghandi Root

    Perfumer: Christi Meshell


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Calvin Castillo
    Gardener’s escape

    I love fragrances that give me peace. I think for the most part, people wear fragrances to please other people. I understand that. However, if you enjoy smells that transports yourself, then I think this has the potential to take you to plant shop. It’s so realistic. This takes me to a time where I’m up potting a plant and smelling the roots, and beside me I have a frash bag of soil. I think this is magical. Its smell isn’t floral. It’s like stems and roots. I don’t know. I love it.