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Microsorum thailandicum - 4"

$ 98.00

aka Blue oil fern.  Native to SE Asia, these blue hue leaves thrive in shade, humid limestone regions.  The blue hue allows the ferns to capture more light in low light understory conditions. Very slow growing.

  • Light: shade
  • Soil: epiphytic/ aroid mix
  • Water: keep relatively moist w/ moderate to high humidity with good air flow
  • Fertilizer: 1/4x during growing season

Available as assorted in 4" nursery container

Please do due diligence in knowing how to care for these ferns.  Final Sale.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carol Summers Nash
Wish list plant fulfilled

I love this plant! I waited to write my review to see how the plant did in my home. It came with eight healthy fronds and two tiny fronds just coming in. Nothing happened for at least four weeks. Then one of the tiny fronds started to grow. The smallest one died but that was to be expected from shipping shock. This plant is supposed to be a slow grower so I was surprised by how fast it he new frond came in. I have wanted this plant for a long time and I’m very happy with the way it has adapted to its new environment.


Love my new beautiful blue oil fern. Thank you!