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Mother Potting Soil - 3 QT

$ 24.99

Like a healthy gut for us, healthy soil for plants is full of beneficial living microbes. 

A diverse microbiome gives your plant tools to make healthy decisions. By teaming up with 800+ species of microbes in our Mother Culture, your plant can mine nutrients, improve its defense system, resist drought, and handle temperature fluctuations. 

We worked with farmers and soil scientists to bring this bag to life, and we hand craft it all on our farm by a rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Mother is a complete living organism with everything your plant needs to grow up happy and healthy. 


Mother Culture

Our mother culture is a mini rainforest we've grown at our farm for several years. This mini ecosystem contains a high genetic diversity of microbial species that act as the probiotic for the soil.


Biochar is a carbon negative amendment that microbes love as a home. Biochar also superior aeration and water retentive properties.

Worm Castings + Green Compost

Worm Castings and compost feed the beneficial microbes that produce, store and slowly release nutrients for your plant.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Olivia Nichols
Love it.

It is so rich and pretty and my plants love it.

Eric Mathews
This is the Best Soil on the Market

Wow! I saw Mother Soil on Instagram and then when to purchase it. Glad your site had it. It is an amazing soil - rich and moist. You can sense the living nature of it. Packaging was perfect. I’ll definitely be buying more Mother Soil in the future — time to upgrade my soil when repotting.

Laurie Wu
If your plant is dying after trying everything else

Might be time to give it a shock of nutrions by these biochar products. I gave it some of my dying plants, and most of them thrived! So that's pretty good.

I also transitioned some into biochar when is healthy due to just lack of growth. One finally grew roots and new leaves! If you have concerns about specific plants, best check their website for what type of plants this isn't good for.