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Platycerium ridleyi - 2"

$ 28.00

Platycerium ridleyi is difficult to grow in low humidity regions.  t prefers bright, indirect light, but can tolerate some direct morning or evening sunlight. It should be placed near an east or north-facing window or provide filtered light.  Platycerium ridleyi is the only species of Staghorn Fern with ascending fertile fronds.

  • Light: Bright indirect
  • Soil: epiphtyic
  • Water: keep moist with high humidity
  • Fertilizer: slow release

Available as assorted in 2" nursery container.

Please do due diligence in knowing how to care for Platyceriium.  They are not beginner's plant.  Final Sale.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Unhealthy plant

Arrived smaller than expected. Also, plant was in this weird "plug". There was an unexpected tape around the root then "plug" was inserted into soil. Plant seemed dry and deteriorated with damaged edges on leaves. Not growing well. Very disappointing for the price. Other order was good.