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Ceropegia woodii variegata - 4"

$ 48.00

Ceropegia woodii variegata aka String of Hearts variegated.

  • Light: bright indirect/ some sun will create pink hues 
  • Soil: succulent mix
  • Water: slightly dry between watering, avoid wet soil
  • Fertilizer: slow release

Available as assorted in 4" nursery pot.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
NOELLE Peregrino
Great plant, terrible owner lol

Love these guys so much that I'm on my third plant from this shop because I can't seem to keep them alive. They are so lovely though despite their finicky nature!

HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT - don’t waste your money / time

Upon receiving, it was wrapped nicely in a box filled with fluff. When I removed the fluff, a good handful of hearts/leaves had fallen off (I thought it was during shipping, very common, so I wasn’t too concerned) but the soil was so wet, I feared root rot. After completing the unboxing video per their recommendation, I placed it under a grow light to encourage the soil to dry up and help the plant thrive. I did not change the soil for fear of shocking the VSOH. Sure enough, the hearts/leaves dropped a few at a time. And within days, the stems rotted and broke off, leaving the remainder hearts/leaves mushy and soft. I immediately reached out to them initially to address my concern about my package and did not get a response until nearly 2 weeks later. I was told (by Alma) they would issue a return slip and refund once they receive the plant. I told them I didn’t think the plant would survive the trip back to them and sent a picture of the plant as proof. Then someone else (Chris) replied and stated they will send a replacement of a completely different plant and issue a partial gift card to go towards future orders.
WHAT?!! How can you SAY you will send a replacement plant of something completely different from the original order and make up the difference with a gift card without confirming with the customer? If you said you would honor a refund, you should issue that refund. Don’t make a decision to replace a plant and gift card without confirming with your customer. This is completely unethical.

I feel taken advantage of and feel forced to place another order with them just to “get my money back”. $48 is A LOT to spend on a 4” pot of VSOH that arrived with root rot. I’ve made multiple attempts to rectify this and have been disappointed a thousand folds. I’ve sent emails, called and was not able to get through to anyone, and have reached out to them via Instagram without success. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement.

I am still waiting for them to respond via email and Instagram. If this gets rectified appropriately, I will update my review. As it stands now, I’d give it 0 stars if the system allows me.