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Hoya Kerrii, also known as the Sweetheart plant, is one of the best houseplants. It is one of the easier houseplants to care for and is the perfect gift for your loved ones! A must have in your collection.
To keep it in perfect shape, here are things you need to know:

  • Thrives In Dappled Or Diffused Light
  • Between 65 And 80ºF, Best Around 45-85%+ Humidity
  • Water When The Top 1” To 2” Is Dry - Once a month is fine
  • Hoyas Are Not Toxic To Humans And Animals
  • 50% Regular Potting Soil + 25% Perlite + 25% Orchid Bark
  • Slow Grower, Won't Drastically Change In Size

In-Depth Care Guide

This super cute little plant caught your interest? It's one of the most looked for in the plant community since it's so cute and easy to care for. Here's more detailed information about how to take care of this beauty:


Since Hoyas have succulent characteristics, it is not necessary to water them every day. To grow a healthy plant, make sure that the 1" or 2" of the soil are slightly dry and only then water your plant. Make sure to not let any water accumulate in the roots, leading to plant suffocation and death.

Overwatering the plant may cause stress and infections. It goes the same way around: a very dry plant will grow orange/yellow leaves and lose its structural strength.

Pro tip: it is sometimes recommended to water the plant with low-chlorine and lukewarm water. For your kerrii, watering once a month is recommended./p>


Hoya kerrii - like other hoyas - love the dappled indirect sun. Since it is a "variegated", you might want to put it in an area receiving more light. During winter times, you can put it under a LED lamp for a few hours to make sure it's not missing too much light.

If you see that the leaves turn yellow-ish: don't panic! It's just getting too much light. Put it away in a slightly darker place and the leaves should turn back to green.


We recommend using a soil mix of 45% regular potting soil + 30% perlite + 25% orchid bark. A good soil for Hoya kerrii variegated is a well draining soil because this little sweetheart plant can dry out fast.


Hoya kerrii variegated is definitely not a heavy feeder: you can fertilize once or twice a year maximum.


Hoya kerrii variegated has succulent-like leaves: the thick leaved plant isn't bothered at all by humidity levels!


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