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Macodes petola is one of those plants that YOU HAVE TO HAVE in your collection. These "lightning bolts" patterns on the rounded and wide leaves make it a very beautiful specimen to observe. It is not the easiest houseplant to take care of, but if you follow our tips, you shouldn't worry much.
To keep it in perfect shape, here are things you need to know:

  • Thrives In Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • Between 65 And 85ºF, Best Around 50-85%+ Humidity
  • Water When The Top 1” To 2” Is Dry
  • Non Toxic To Humans And Animals
  • A Mix Of 50% Perlite And 50% Coco Coir Or Peat
  • Slow Growth Rate, Expect 7" Wide To 3" Tall Over A Year

In-Depth Care Guide

This stunning orchid probably can be the centerpiece of your collection: its unique patterns and the bright color of the leaves make it hard not to look at it. This plant is not hard to take care of, although it is not a plant recommended for beginners. Here's more detailed information about how to take care of this beauty:


Make sure that the roots never dry out. However, do not let any water accumulate, leading to plant suffocation and death.

Overwatering the plant may cause stress and infections. It goes the same way around: a very dry plant will grow orange/yellow leaves and lose its structural strength.

Pro tip: it is sometimes recommended to water the plant with low-chlorine and lukewarm water. Always check on the soil: don't water on a fixed time interval.


Your Macodes petola will thrive under bright, indirect light.

Direct sunlight is not recommended as this plant is known as a shade-loving plant (grows in humid-covered forests of Malaysia, Java, Philippines). However, bright filtered light will bring out the colors in the leaves.

If you own a growing light, you can definitely use it for Macodes petola. Adjust it so it mimics forest conditions of prolonged and consistent bright shade. If you do not have a grow light, you can place the plant a one or two feet away from a window.


We recommend using a mix of 50% perlite and 50% coco coir or peat. A good soil for Macodes petola is a well draining soil dense in organic nutrients and quite porous so that the excess water drains easily.


Macodes petola will grow faster and have a better appearance if you fertilize it regularly.

Consider using an organic fertilizer of very good quality or an orchid fertilizer: we can recommend either balanced ones or nitrogen-rich ones.

We recommend weekly applications of a highly diluted solution. Dilute the solution to 1/5-1/10 of its prescribed strength (too concentrated will cause the plant to die due to salt accumulation). Also, make sure there’s enough of fertilizer in the substrate to serve as slow-release feed.


Since this Macodes comes from very humid rainforests, it will love staying above 80% of humidity! However, since your apartment or house is probably not that humid, make sure to maintain the roots and the medium moist at all times.

If your house or the immediate surroundings around the plant is quite dry, you might need to use humidifiers or pebble trays. You can also mist indirectly only in the mornings so that leaves have time to dry out during the day.


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