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This eye-catching neon-yellow and gold houseplant is guaranteed to grab the attention of any visitors. Its vivid and ornate leaves will brighten up your home. The Philodendron Warscewiczii hails from Central America, but unfortunately, it is quite a rare species to come by. If you get your hands on one, here’s what you should know:

  • Medium to Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • 50 to 86F, 50-70% Humidity Although A Humid Environment Is Not Essential
  • Water When The Top 2-3 Inches Of Soil Feels Dry
  • All Philodendrons Are Toxic When Ingested, And Can Cause Irritation In/On The Mouth, Lips, And Throat. Reactions Vary From Mild To Severe, Be Cautious With Children And Pets.
  • Loose And Well-Drained Soil Is Best. Use A Mix Of Compost, Perlite, Horticultural Charcoal, And Orchid Bark.
  • As A Climbing Plant, It Will Grow Between 7 And 16’

In-Depth Care Guide

Also known as the Snowflake Leaf Philodendron and Xanadu Golden form, the Philodendron Warscewiczii is a species of the Aracae family hailing from Central America. It is also a cultivar, meaning it has been created or selected and maintained through human cultivation. This philodendron is a tropical plant and natural climber that requires very little maintenance. It’s easily recognizable due to its thin stems and bright, feather-like leaves.


You should water this plant based on the amount of moisture in the soil. If the first 2-3 inches are dry, it’s time to water. If you can still feel the moisture in those first few inches, it’s best to leave this philodendron for a couple of days.

When watering, make sure you have covered all the soil in the pot. Afterward, remove any excess water from its tray. Its roots are fragile, and if kept too long in stagnant water they will suffocate and eventually develop root rot.


Like most philodendrons, this plant prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight. If exposed to too much direct sunlight it can easily burn up. But in terms of indirect light, it’s not a fussy plant. You can keep it in a mildly shaded corner or a sunnier spot as long it isn’t exposed to direct light.


A loose and well-draining soil is the best choice for the Philodendron Warscewiczii. As mentioned, this plant needs to be kept in soil that drains quickly to avoid excess moisture from clogging the roots and blocking out oxygen.

The best potting mixture is one mixed with ingredients that keep your soil from becoming waterlogged and allows air to circulate around the roots. If you’re using compost or regular soil, this will be 50% of the mixture. We then recommend mixing 1-2 parts perlite, 2 part horticultural charcoal, and 1 part orchid bark. If you don’t have charcoal, simply use equal parts perlite and orchid bark.


When it comes to fertilizer, you don’t need to be fussy. Regular garden store fertilizer will work fine, so don’t be afraid to use a commercial fertilizer mix. But only fertilize your plant sparsely, once a month during spring and summer. The nutrient boost will be a great help to your plant, as these are the seasons it will be growing the fastest.

There is no need to fertilize during the colder months as this can burn the roots of your plant. Remember to start off using small and sparse amounts of fertilizer mix so your philodendron has time to adjust.


Most tropical plants need a relatively humid environment, but this philodendron can tolerate a dry environment perfectly well. It’s up to you where you choose to keep it. If you tend to keep your house plants in a humid place and want to keep the plant with them, it will be perfectly fine in a room with 50-70% humidity.

However, since your apartment or house is probably not that humid, make sure to maintain the roots and the medium moist at all times.

If your house or the immediate surroundings around the plant is quite dry, you might need to use humidifiers or pebble trays. You can also mist indirectly only in the mornings so that leaves have time to dry out during the day.


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