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Epipremnum pinnatum aurea - cuttings

$ 20.00 $ 10.00

A marbled golden variety of Epipremnum Pinnatum. A vigorous climber, and sometimes epiphytic.  Mature leaves are deeply lobed with pinholes down the spine of each leaf.  Mature leaves can reach ~ 12" - 20" long.  Strongly suggest supporting with a moss pole and allowing it to climb.  Resembles Monstera deliciosa but leaves are more oblong and not stiff.  Sometimes called Native Monstera.  The same family as E. Cebu blue but this is the green form.  This is not the same as a Golden Pothos.

  • Light: Bright indirect.  In the natural habitat, it grows under tree canopies
  • Soil:  Well draining
  • Water: Keep evenly moist and mist often
  • Fertilizer: organic or slow-release

Available as assorted 3+ node leaf cuttings.  Variegation is random.


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Customer Reviews

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Avery Berg

Had multiple nodes with tons of healthy long aerial roots!!!