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Philodendron sodiroi - 2"

$ 8.00

A climber with silvery marked leaves.  Provide a vertical structure for optimal growth. Trim if you want to keep it bushy.

  • Light: Bright indirect
  • Soil: organic well draining
  • Water: keep slightly moist
  • Fertlizer: slow release.

Available as assorted in 2" nursery container


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Very good height, very healthy, and packaged and delivered without any damage.

Paula D.
Cute and tiny!

Actually more plant than I expected, thankfully. They were very dry upon arrival, very wilted. They perked right up after watering. I have been wanting a sodiroi for the longest, but I don't believe in spending big money on plants that can die in transit or within in a short period once received. So even though I swore off 'plants' in 2" pots, I couldn't pass up this deal! I will repot in a few days or maybe even today, since even though I well watered yesterday, they were back to wilting today. But I am happy - the photo doesn't do them justice - this is just how they looked when un packed. Thanks PLHC for the opportunity to have my #1 wish list plant of all time!

Donnetta Daniels
Very small, healthy though

Tiny plant


Small plant, waiting to see how it grows. Nice and healthy though

Kayte Edmonson
Arrived intact

Arrived perfectly in tact and it’s oh so cute. Can’t wait to watch it grow!