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Philodendron 'snowdrift' - 2"

$ 28.00

Philodendron Snowdrift is a suspected hybrid of P. pinnatifidum and P. giganteum. Its leaves begin a speckled bright white and slowly take on a speckled greenish hue as the plant matures.

Available as assorted in 2" nursery pot.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Cute little plant but another where the soil was dumped during shipping. I’m curious if the issue is priority vs. express. Maybe express delivery drivers are more diligent with their packages? In any event I fixed her up and will anxiously watch her grow.


4 stars for the snowdrift- Mine is more yellow/green than the one pictured, no white, but it arrived in healthy condition!

1 start for the polly- I also bought the alocasia amazonica polly, but it’s not allowing me to leave a review for that. Originally when I purchased this alocasia it was priced at $88 and the provided image reflected a pink variegated amazonica Polly, which is how it’s described on the shop app. Immediately after my purchase the information on the website was changed to $44, and the image was changed to reflect a green Polly. However, while I paid the full $88 for the product, I was sent the $44 updated product. I did receive a store credit, but not because I was sent a completely different product than what I paid for, but because it arrived damaged.


Great size little starter plant, not teeny tiny like some places