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Monstera peru or Karstenianum is a very rare fast growing plant displaying corrugated, thick foliage with dark and light green hues. It kinda is a mix between a monstera and a succulent!!!
To keep it in perfect shape, here are things you need to know:

  • Thrives In Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • Between 55 And 80ºF, Best Around 50-85%+ Humidity
  • Water When The Top 1” To 2” Is Dry
  • Toxic To Humans And Animals. Causes Severe Irritation And Swelling If Engulfed Accidentally. If Your Pet Eats Any Part Of The Plant, Take Them To The Vet As Soon As Possible.
  • A Mix Of 50% Perlite And 50% Regular Potting Mix. You Can Add Sand To Improve The Drainage.
  • This Fast Grower Can Reach A Size Of Up To 12 Feet In An Appropriate Setting!!!

In-Depth Care Guide

Monstera karstenianum or Monstera peru is basically a monstera plant acting like a succulent! This very rare plant is easy to care for, so why not giving it a shot! If you want one or already have one, here's more detailed information about how to take care of this beauty:


Make sure that the roots never dry out. However, do not let any water accumulate, leading to plant suffocation and death.

Overwatering the plant may cause stress and infections. It goes the same way around: a very dry plant will grow orange/yellow leaves and lose its structural strength.

Pro tip: it is sometimes recommended to water the plant with low-chlorine and lukewarm water. Always check on the soil: don't water on a fixed time interval.


Your Monstera peru will thrive under bright, indirect light.

Direct sunlight is not recommended as this plant is known as a shade-loving plant. However, bright filtered light will bring out the colors in the leaves. Lower light brings out the dramatic coloration that closely resembles Alocasia dragon scale.


We recommend using a mix of 50% perlite and 50% regular potting soil. A good soil for Monstera peru is a well draining soil dense in organic nutrients and quite porous so that the excess water drains easily. You can even add a bit of sand to improve the drainage.


You can fertilize Monstera peru about once a month. A fertilizer with a good amount of magnesium works best for this plant.

However, make sure to not fertilize during winter months - you can only do it during the growing season.


Monstera peru will thrive with humidity levels over 60%.

However, since your apartment or house is probably not that humid, make sure to maintain the roots and the medium moist at all times.

If your house or the immediate surroundings around the plant is quite dry, you might need to use humidifiers or pebble trays. You can also mist indirectly only in the mornings so that leaves have time to dry out during the day.


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