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Philodendron Pink Princess and her rare sisters

By :Brittney Kiera 0 comments
Philodendron Pink Princess and her rare sisters

If you are in any way a resident - or even a passerby - of the plant world, chances are you’ve come across the coveted Pink Princess Philodendron. Whether you’ve drooled over it as your favorite plantfluencer posed next to it beaming with pride or you’ve seen it pop up in relation to the Pink Congo Plant fiasco, its celebrity status in the plant kingdom is prevalent. 

One look at the gorgeous pink streaked leaves laced with varying shades of green and it’s easy to see why. Barbie would kill to adorn the Dreamhouse in these babies.

But the thing that makes a Pink Princess a real prize to be won is the fact that you can’t just grow it from a seed. In fact, the plant is actually a lab created hybrid that only dates back to the 1970s. 

Nowadays, growers have to strategically grow Pink Princess Philodendrons to try and achieve the perfectly pink variegation. Even then, there’s no way to guarantee the leaves will turn out pink at all. Hence the rarity, demand, and heftier price tag on the Princess.

That being said, with the explosive popularity of Pink Princess Philodendron over the last few years, growers are facing no shortage of sales. In fact, many plant collectors and enthusiasts have had to wait a hot minute before getting their hands on a Pink Princess. That also means growers around the world are hopping on the wagon and growing more and more.

Meanwhile, plant enthusiasts are on the prowl for the next rare plant trends for 2021 and beyond so they can get ahead of the game. If that’s you, look no further because these rare sisters of the Pink Princess Philodendron are going to knock your plant patterned socks off.

Philodendron Plants to Buy if You Love the Pink Princess


White Princess Philodendron

Okay, so you know all about the famous Pink Princess, but have you met her super cute sister, the White Princess Philodendron? The White Princess Philodendron is splashed with white along its emerald green pointed leaves, with dark pink or red petioles. 

Let’s share the hype a little because she deserves a spot on your rare plant shelf, and she’s gaining some serious interest as we speak.

Just in the last 12 months, searches for White Princess Philodendron are continuing to rise. We are pretty sure the White Princess is going to be one of the new popular girls in the plant world. While everyone is scrambling for Pink Princesses, they are missing out on the equally lovely White Princess Philodendron which, by the way, might just surprise you with some pink spots of her own under the right circumstances.

If you want your own plant collection to stand out just a bit more from the rest on your plant powered IG timeline, don’t sleep on the White Princess. We predict it will be a big contender for trending collector plants in 2021 and the coming future.

Although the White Princess is indeed a rare tropical plant, it’s actually relatively easy to care for. Mainly you’ll want to make sure it gets plenty of bright, indirect light. Allowing it to get too much direct light can actually turn those elegant white spots yellow.

Another thing to be aware of to preserve the milky white color is to make sure you don’t leave any water sitting on the leaves after watering - if you do, you’ll risk browning them. You can pick up the White Princess Philodendron right here from Peace Love and Happiness Club.


Philodendron Florida Beauty

Also quickly gaining interest is the Philodendron Florida Beauty. Google searches for this plant are exploding in 2021, and we predict it will only garner more and more interest moving forward. On Instagram, the hashtag #philodendronpinkprincess is creeping up to 30k posts as of July 2021 and climbing.

Needless to say, this sister of Pink Princess might just steal the show in the near future. If you’re trying to stay ahead of the plant game, our best bet is to pick one up now. Your fellow Instagram plant friends will be nothing short of dazzled.

The Florida Beauty is a trailing or climbing plant that doesn’t disappoint. This stunning lobed leaf philodendron produces anything from creamy yellow splotches to an entire yellow leaf. Despite those large and luscious leaves, it’s another rare philodendron that is relatively easy to care for.

Like the White Princess, you’re looking to keep it in bright indirect light, but avoid direct bright light. Make sure you keep the Philodendron Florida Beauty in well draining soil with organic matter and keep the soil evenly moist, but not wet through.

Check out Peace Love and Happiness’s selection of Philodendron Florida Beauty plants. Now, if you’re looking for a particularly spectacular and rare philodendron to add to your collection, boy do we have a treat for you.


Philodendron Billietiae Variegata

This is the unicorn plant you’ve been searching for. The Philodendron Billietiae Variegata has gorgeous elongated leaves and striking orange petioles. It is one of the most rare and sought after plants in the game, and a real prized possession for serious plant collectors and prestigious plantfluencers.

It’s also one of the most expensive philodendrons, and THE most expensive plant in our entire shop. Why?

Simply put the Philodendron Billietiae Variegata has a rare genetic configuration that makes the orange stems and yellow speckled leaves so desirable and - honestly - a real piece of eye candy. Add that to the months of work the growers go through to nurture these plants into creating brilliant variegation, and you are most certainly getting what you pay for (in the best and most beautiful way possible).

The pure beauty of this plant, along with its potential to grow to a mind-blowing size, makes it worth the large investment. Needless to say, do some robust research before investing in one of these lovelies.

Admittedly, this is quite a step up from the Pink Princess Philodendron level of collecting and Plantstagrams. That being said, if you’re building up your collection of rare plants, the Billietiae Variegata is a unique plant worthy of your wish list. 

And if you’ve done your ample research and you’re ready to invest now, and you’re wondering where you can purchase one from a reputable grower, you’re in luck: you can purchase a gorgeous Philodendron Billietiae Variegata from Peace Love and Happiness Club.


Shop the Rest of our Philodendron Collection

If none of these are quite catching your attention enough, but you still can’t get enough unique Philodendrons in your plant collection, we have so many more beautiful Philodendrons in our shop!

Browse our collection of Philodendrons we carry in our plant shop and online and see if anything else catches your fancy. We have a combination of collector or rare Philodendrons and more common Philodendron houseplants, so whatever your budget is, there’s something for you!

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