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Philodendron Ring of Fire... and a New Strain?

By :Neil Silverman 0 comments
Philodendron Ring of Fire... and a New Strain?

Philodendron Ring of Fire has arrived in our store! But what’s this that arrived with them? A mutation of the Ring of Fire? It's larger in size and lacking that signature red tint and creamy white coloring. Instead, it touts gorgeous aurea-like neon green. We’re calling it Neon Ring of Fire! We have about ten of them and will be growing them out for sale later.

Neon Ring of Fire Philodendron by Peace Love and Happiness Club

Cocoa coir, orchid bark, perlite, and LECA makes up our aroid mix. We top it off with our Bloom City Living Soil powder and Root Stimulator. This added boost from the Root Stimulator promotes fast root growth, and we have seen some incredible results! The Living Soil gives our media the beneficial microbes and nutrients that plants need for healthy growth.

Bloom City Living Soil powder soil additive by Peace Love and Happiness Club

These plants are tissue culture, so they need extra care when acclimating to life outside the lab. They have been grown in a sterile environment kept at one hundred percent humidity. This type of setting improves the success rate for these plants, but they will need to be carefully acclimated under close watch to ensure they stay healthy.

When potting our Ring of Fire, we gently fill the pot with our aroid mix to the crown of the plant. If they need a little extra support, we layer the top of the soil with LECA. This not only adds some extra hold for the plant but helps to deter fungus gnats from breeding in the soil.

LECA on top of soil in a potted plant

We put the Ring of Fire in our grow room to acclimate and develop a bit before going up for sale. Good airflow, warm temperatures, high humidity and bright light gives them an ideal climate to get established and ready for you to bring home.

Nathan putting plants away in our grow area at Peace Love and Happiness Club

Keep an eye out for the introduction of those Neon Ring of Fire! Peace out!

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